Single Status Certification Apostille

What is a Single Status Apostille?

Getting married in another country? Congratulations! Before you can legalize your union you will need to provide proof that you are eligible for marriage, and that you are not already married in the United States.

A Single Status Apostille is an affidavit notarized and then stamped by the Secretary of State who can authenticate the document to be used internationally.

The Affiant will be required to obtain a notarized declaration indicating that they are either single, and have never been married, or, are that they are now widowed or divorced. This sworn affidavit will include the citizenship of the affiant and thier legal address in the United States. Many times this form will also include the passport information of the affiant, if so required by the County Clerk.

This Apostille will then be applied to the original document, stating that the affiant(s) are eligible for marriage. The apostille can only be issued by the issuing state, however we can assist with an apostille from any state.

How It Works

The affiant will need to contact our offices in Houston either by call/text or, by completing the Apostille Request Form for a free consultation. We will evaluate your documents and guide you in the process. The Affiant will need to know their travel timeline and let our office know if they require expedited services.

The affiant will need to provide adequate identification to have their Marital Status Affidavit officially notarized, and will work with our office for the Apostille which can be provided in 24 hours if required.

We will do the paperwork for you so that you can focus on your wedding and travel plans!

Let’s Get Started

Reach out to our Houston office, our hours are 6am-10pm daily, and let us know what kind of documents that you need notarized, and what type of documents that you need Apostille. We will give you a realistic time frame, and can offer you several pricing options.

Contact Us Today

Houston Apostille and Notary Solutions can be reached by calling/texting 713-357-1924, or by Apostille Request Email. We are a mobile service and do not have a brick and mortar office for you to visit. We can visit you at your home, your hotel, your office, a coffee shop, or any other convenient location.

Please provide a valid phone number
Name of Country requiring this document
Expedited (72 hours or less) Standard (Up to 7days) Economy (Up to 21 days)
Tell us what type of Document you have for Apostille. Ex: Birth or Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Power of Attorney, School Transcript, University Diploma (include state of origin, ex: issued in Texas)
Tel us what 2nd Document you have for Apostille.
Tell us what third Document you have for Apostille.
Some destination countries require documents to be translated. If you need translation services or can translate them yourself please indicate. If you are unsure please verify and let us know as soon as possible
Please tell us a brief explanation of your needs, & a general location where we can meet to pick up documents as we offer a mobile only service. Ex: I’m getting married in XYZ country; I need to apostille my school transcripts for XYZ country… I live in Montrose/Katy/Sugar land.