In Texas, a credible witness must either personally know the Notary or must present to the Notary a valid, unexpired ID issued by the federal or a state government that contains the photo and signature of the witness (1 TAC 87.40[2] and 87.1[1]).

A credible witness must know the signer well enough to be able to swear or affirm the signer’s identity before the Notary. The credible witness will need to present proper valid identification to the Notary. Texas requires (2) credible witnesses when using credible witness as an identity method.

If a signer is without identification and is personally unknown to the Notary Public, then 2 credible witnesses must be able to vouch for the signers identify. Each of those signers must also possess, and present, a valid government issued ID.

Credit: Information Provided by the National Notary Association