Hospital Mobile Notaries are often needed by patients or employees of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes. We understand that patients who need to sign important documents are at their most vulnerable, could be very ill or medicated, and that these circumstances can be very emotional for the signer and their family. In this setting you need a notary who is capable of identifying the patient while being sensitive and respectful to their unique situation.

It is likely more convenient for patients to sign documents in the nursing home or hospital. If your loved one needs documents notarized in Houston, please schedule an appointment, and be mindful of the following requirements:

  • The patient may be heavily medicated or have issues with alertness. Try to schedule the hospital notary at a time that the patient is feeling their best, and is awake and cognizant of their surroundings.
  • Signers must have identification, be willing to sign their documents and have knowledge of what they are signing. If the signer is a senior with expired identification, plan to provide up to two non-partial witnesses to vouch for the signer’s identity.
  • Answers to common questions for medical signings are found here
  • Documents must be in English and should be prepared by a lawyer.
  • Our hospital notary service is available 24/7.
  • Notary Safe Signing Practices due to COVID-19

We are also available for Hospice Patients who require immediate notary services.