OH NO! Did you accidently park in a No Parking Zone, and end up getting towed? It Happens….

Our certified Traveling Notary will come to your location and notarize for you on the spot, 24/7. We are open weekends and holidays, and offer a mobile service only. If your car has been towed let Houston Notary Solutions help you! Are you trying to find where your car was towed to? Find your towed car with the help of these Towed Car Location sites…Find a Towed Car with CarTowed.com; or FindMyTowedCar.com

Avoid extra expenses with multiple storage days, and get your vehicle back now. We will help you after hours with a notarization of the form “Texas Removal and/or Inspection of a Motor Vehicle at a VSF”.

Things happen. We understand. Cars can get towed for a lot of reasons. If you are helping a relative who was arrested and had their car towed, we will help you. Are you trying to help your son/daughter/sibling/spouse to get their car out of a tow salvage yard? Then you will require a notarized VSF form. When the car has been located, call us to notarize the VSF Form, which is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The Tow Truck Storage Facility will be able to provide the VSF form, or click here to print it. Our Mobile Notary will be able to assist with local VSF notarizations. Complete the five sections of the required state approved form and sign in front of the notary after presenting a valid government issued photo ID.

Pricing Information will be provided when you contact us for a quote. CALL 713-357-1924