birth certificate apostille

Birth Certificate Apostille

An apostille seal is an additional seal required by some foreign governments to authenticate certain certified records. The apostille acts as a legal authentication for seals and signatures on public …

Mexico Apostille

Apostille for Mexico

We provide Apostille for Mexico. For certain legal situations it may be necessary to present Mexican Authorities with documents for residency, for university enrollment, investment, getting married or many other …

Apostille Divorce Decree

Persons who are divorced in one country and also getting married in another country, may be required to provide a Divorce Decree that has an apostille. This apostille serves to …

notary for Houston documents

What is a Jurat in Texas

A jurat (Pronounced: [ˈjo͝orat]) is a type of judicial notarization which is signed under oath in front of a notary public. The National Notary Association says, “The purpose of a …

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Car Tow Houston Notary

What to do when your vehicle gets towed in Houston. We travel to your location to legally notarize your documents so that you can get your auto back from impound.

Hague Convention 1961 Countries

What is the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty? Credit: WIKIPEDIA Wikipedia defines the Hague Convention as: “The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, the Apostille Convention, …