Legal Identification Required for Houston Notary Transactions
Prepare for Your Appointment

The State of Texas requires notaries to verify the identification of every signer. Only valid, non-expired identification, with a photograph is acceptable. These Guidelines are set by the State of Texas, and can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, and are not at the discretion of your notary.

Signers Must Provide one of the Following:

Valid Driver’s License or VALID State Issued ID Card, issued by any US state Valid USA Passport

US Military Identification

Valid Driver’s License or ID Card issued in Mexico or Canada

Valid Foreign Passport (issued outside of USA) that has a stamp from the Citizenship and Immigration Services

Inmate Identification, if signer is currently an inmate, issued by the state of Texas Department of Corrections (TDC)

NOT ACCEPTED Identity includes: Social Security Cards / Work Identification Badges / Membership Club Cards / Gym Identification Cards / Student Identification Cards / Medicare Cards / Driver’s License without Photo ID including a temporary license

Using Witnesses when the signer doesn’t have valid identification