Thank you for your interest in Houston Notary Solutions. If you find yourself needing a notary, we can help. This page addresses our most commonly asked questions. Text or Call us anytime for help 713-357-1924

  • Q: I have a document(s) that I need notarized, what do I need to do?
    • Contact us by Text/Call or Email. Describe your notarial needs: Let us know what kind of document that you have; how many signatures required, what is your location, and when do you need us? Then we can provide a quote.
  • Q: Can I come to your office?
    • A: We have no physical location. We are a mobile notary, we come to you. We come to Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Assisted Living Facilities and any other location.
  • Q: I need documents Apostilled, can you help?
    • A: Yes, we can assist with document authentication or Apostille. Contact us for a free consultation on Apostille Services. Follow this link to see common documents for Apostille Authentication.

Q: I need legal help, can you provide that?

A: No, we do not provide legal representation and are notaries. We do not provide legal assistance or opinions. We do not practice law.

My car was towed, can you help?

A: Yes. Click here to learn about Tow Yard Notary services.

Q: We need documents notarized but we don’t have a valid identification, what can we do?

A: Provide a witness with a valid identification. Learn More Here.

Q: An inmate in jail needs a notary, can you help?

A: Yes. Our notary can meet your inmate at Harris County jails when accompanied by their lawyer. Our notary can also meet the inmate at their court appointment. Click here to learn more.

Q: My employer needs me to complete an I-9 Employment Verification form do you offer that service?

A; Yes, we offer non-notary services including the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form. We can help you today. Click here to learn more.

Q: My family member is in hospital/hospice can you help with healthcare, medical directives?

A: Yes. We travel to hospitals to notarize wills, medical directives, and many other documents. Follow this link to learn more about hospital notary.

Q: My relative is in a nursing home and has documents to notarize, can you help?

A: Absolutely, We travel to care facilities 24/7. Get requirements and info here.

Q: My grandma had a stroke, can you help notarize documents.

A: Depending on the ability to communicate with signers using hand squeezes, movements, eye signals, or other non-verbal communication, the Notary can work with signers who are aware, alert, and capable. Learn More.

Q: Can you provide Auto Notary Services?

A: Yes. Utilizing the services of a Certified Loan Signing Agent reduces fraud risks. Learn more here.

Q; My document is written in Spanish, can you notarize for me?

A: Yes. Communication with the signer must be in English. Notary does not have to be able to read the documents, but must be able to communicate with the signer, and the signer must be able to understand their document.