Auto Title Transfer Notary

Remote car-buying has become very popular in today’s ‘contactless’ environment! Properly identifying borrowers and co-borrowers is an important step with Remote Purchasing. Auto Notary Services deter fraud and help dealerships prevent loss. Auto-Signing Notaries serve as the impartial witness who will properly identify the signer, and co-signer if there is one. Notaries screen out imposters while ensuring signatures are freely and willingly obtained.

Our notaries will properly identify signers’ using their government issued identification; will assure that the borrowers and co-signers (if there is one), are willingly signing for auto-loans, and that they are not doing so under duress; our mobile notary will ascertain that the signer has full knowledge and willingness of what they are signing.

Notary Publics are trained to ensure documents are executed properly and legally, so that the auto-loan can be funded on time, so that the deal can close.

For car buyers in the Greater Houston area, count on our competent notaries for Motor Vehicle Title Transfers, Auto Registration, or the mandated Odometer Disclosure Statements. We come to you, and are available 24/7.

Call our mobile notary SUSIE 713-357-1924 for an appointment.