Apostille Divorce Decree

Persons who are divorced in one country and also getting married in another country, may be required to provide a Divorce Decree that has an apostille. This apostille serves to authenticate your ability to marry in another country. This requirement usually accompanies the requirement for a Single Status Affidavit apostille.

How to get an apostille for your divorce certificate?

For use internationally, divorced persons may need to provide an apostille proving the termination of an earlier marriage. This is generally requested when marrying overseas or when applying for dual citizenship. The apostille is issued by the government who will authenticate your document’s seal and official signatures. Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions can arrange for an apostille for your divorce decree no matter which state the divorce occurred in.

Verify what that the requesting country is asking for.

Often times document titles sound very similar to each other, and you may not be in possession of the proper documentation that is required for the apostille. To avoid costly delays, we recommend the following:

First identify what is needed. Is the requesting agency asking for a Divorce Record, Divorce Certificate, or Divorce Decree?

A Divorce Record is different than a Divorce Decree or Divorce Certificate as it usually contains more information. Divorce Records are a case file for the divorce and will contain transcripts, financial information, child custody agreements, restraining orders and more information regarding the proceedings including judgments, motions, testimonies and evidence.

A Divorce Certificate is not the same as a Divorce Decree as it is not issued by the Courts but rather, the Vital Statistics office.

A Divorce Decree is issued by the Court and confirms the court judgment.

The county clerk will provide a certified copy of your divorce document which will prove that your divorce occurred and will usually be inclusive of financial details including but not limited to, division of property, spousal support payments or alimony, child support and custody arrangements,

The certified copy will be stamped or embossed with the seal from the court or state. Only certified copies are eligible for an apostille.

Document Translation

Any document, and supporting apostille, will be issued in the English language for all public documents originating in the USA. Confirm that the apostille and document will be accepted without translation. If translation is required, Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions can provide that service, on your behalf, with verified certified translators. In some cases, individuals have been able to translate their own documents for apostille.

Once you have obtained the certified copy of your appropriate divorce document, our apostille agent will obtain the official apostille stamp on your behalf. Provide Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions with your certified copy and we will handle the rest. We can provide expedited RUSH service and can also ship documents to the other country when needed. Our apostille service is mobile, we travel to you to pick up and deliver your documents.

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