Apostille for Power of Attorney

If you are in the USA and need to provide an apostille for a Power of Attorney document, then keep reading, we can help you.

How to Apostille a Power of Attorney Document to be used outside of the USA

First, what is a Power of Attorney? Power of Attorney refers to a document that allows the signer to grant another person the power, or ability, to handle business or personal affairs on their behalf. Generally speaking, the Power of Attorney grants the appointed party, or agent, the ability to conduct business, possibly manage, buy or sell real estate, or otherwise make business and/or financial decisions. The type of Power of Attorney used will dictate the amount of control the appointed agent has to handle affairs of the signer. Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions is not a law firm and we do not employ attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or blank Power of Attorney documents.

Most of the time a Power of Attorney will need an apostille to be used in another country. Clients in the USA who need to grant permission to an agent in another country to conduct business on their behalf, generally provide a Power of Attorney for notarization and authentication, The Power of Attorney is then authenticated by the apostille, to be used in the other country.

How to Notarize the Power of Attorney for Apostille

Notarization for a Power of Attorney Document is like all other documents in that your Notary must be commissioned in the state where the notarization takes place, and the signer must present valid identification as is dictated by the state the notarization will occur in. The signer must be physically present, and the notary must follow their state’s guidelines for identifying the signer. Click here to learn more about Texas identification requirements.

The Power of Attorney or POA Document, will likely provide a space for the notary to sign and stamp the document if originally prepared by an attorney, and if there is not a space for the notary to sign or stamp the document, a Jurat or acknowledgment will be added so that the notarization can be completed.

Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions will travel to the signer’s location to notarize their Power of Attorney document, and will handle the apostille accordingly..

The Apostille Certificate

At Houston Notary and Apostille Solutions the process is made simpler with our fast pickup and delivery service. Your Power of Attorney will be picked up at the signer’s desired location and notarized on the spot before it is authenticated by the Secretary of State or Federal Government.

Next Step

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