The Signer must be able to present a valid form of photo identification in order to have his/her documents notarized.

Q: If a signer does not have a valid form of acceptable identification, and needs documents notarized, what can be done?

A: If a Signer can not provide acceptable form(s) of identification, then a credible witness can be provided, by the signer, who can vouch for the identity of the Signer. The Witness MUST be able to provide one or more forms of valid identification to prove their identity, and must be able to vouch for the identity of the Signer, under Oath.

Per the National Notary Association, the government states the following when using a witness to identify a signer:

Texas Requirements For A Credible Witness

In Texas, a signer can use credible witnesses for identification. Credible witnesses must either personally know the Notary or, must present to the Notary a valid, unexpired ID issued by the federal or a state government that contains the photo and signature of the witness (1 TAC 87.40[2] and 87.1[1]).

If a signer chooses to use the credible witness method for identification, Texas requires that signer to provide TWO (2) credible witnesses; they must know the signer well enough to be able to swear or affirm the signer’s identity before the Notary.