Car Tow Houston Notary

What to do when you need a notary after your vehicle was towed.

Car Towed in Houston?

Whoops! We have all done it, parked in a spot and left our car only to discover that we (usually mistakenly) made a judgment error and managed to get our vehicle towed by parking in a “No Parking Zone”. Sometimes we park in an assigned parking space that belongs to someone else and then get towed, or we park in a non-parking zone like a fire lane, or loading only zone. It can be devestating to return to the parking lot to discover your vehicle has been towed!

But, we have good news! Its going to be OK!

Getting the Vehicle Returned after Tow in Houston, Texas

Houston Notary Solutions can have one of our qualified and certified traveling emergency notaries go to any Houston Tow Yard to notarize your VSF document. If it is late at night, a weekend or holiday, you can still rely on Houston Notary Solutions to help. Our traveling notary will come to you and meet you at the tow yard 365 days a week, 24/7, to assist you. The Texas VSF Removal of Motor Vehicle form will be provided to you by the tow yard staff, and you must have that document notarized before the tow yard will release your vehicle.

VSF Form

The tow yard will provide you with a one page document titled “Removal and/or Inspection of a Motor Vehicle at a VSF”.

The VSF stands for, Vehicle Storage Facility.

Complete the document with the required information so that you can have it notarized by our 24 hour traveling notary, and once it is signed and properly notarized, it can be returned to the tow yard attendant for release of your automobile.

There are five sections on the form that will need to be completed for notarization.

Section One

Section one of the VSF Form asks you to select one of three options that verify your relationship to the actual towed vehicle. Those options include:

Box 1:

I am an immediate family member (parent, spouse, brother, sister, or child) of the owner of the vehicle. When
selected, this form may be used as the Affidavit of Right of Possession Form.

Box 2:

I am an authorized representative of the owner of the vehicle.

Box 3:

I am an authorized representative of an insurance company authorized to conduct business in the State

Section Two

Section two of the VSF form offers two options regarding your intentions with the automobile. You will indicate if your interntion is to remove tha vehicle or if you are there to only inspect the vehicle. The two options on this section appear like this:

I will remove the vehicle;

will inspect the vehicle.

Simply check the applicable box and move down to Section Three.

Section Three

This section requires a description of the vehicle through the VIN and make/model of the particular vehicle, and the information about the person who is removing or inspecting the vehicle.

The description fo the vehicle calls for the Vehicle Year, Make and Model along with the VIN or license plate number. (Be sure to know your vehicle Identification Number and License Plate in case you ever get towed!)

Section three will then require the information relative to the individual who will inspect or remove the vehicle which includes the individual’s name and/or company name with the Tow Truck TDLR number (if applicable).

Section Four

Section four is the most important as this block is where your certified traveling notary will apply their notarization stamp and signature, after giving the signer an Oath and witnessing their signature.

Section four will be signed and completed upon arrival of your traveling notary. Do not sign it until the notary is present or it will invalidate the document.

Section Five

The last section of the VSF form only needs to be completed if the first section third applicable choice was marked whch staes:

Box 3: I am an authorized representative of an insurance company authorized to conduct business in the State of Texas.

Relax, we can help

While Houston Notary Solutions understands that it is not ideal to have your car towed, you can relax and rest assured that our traveling notary will assist you with the required VSF form and will properly apply a legal notarization stamp to your document to assure the release of your vehicle.

If you need a tow yard notary to come to you, contact us now at 713-357-1924, by calling or texting our 24/7 traveling notary professional. We have several payment options available, and in most cases can reach your location in less than an hour’s time so that you can be on your way.