A notary is a public officer commissioned and appointed by the Texas Secretary of State, a Mobile Notary Public is an impartial party who is held to a high level of honesty and trustfulness. Your Texas Notary Public is a qualified, bonded officer of the courts, performing notary acts with the same authorization as the local county clerk.

Houston Notary Solutions will travel to you at your convenience with the ability to certify copies of documents, administer oaths or affirmations, take depositions upon oath or affirmation, take acknowledgments and permitted by law to be protested.

Your Houston Mobile Notary is commissioned, insured and bonded to notarize documents in any county within Texas. Need After Hours Notary? We also provide mortgage field inspection services.

We travel to clients at:

Homes or Businesses

Can Meet you at your local coffee shop

The Tow Yard

Hospital or Medical Facility

County Jail/Courthouse

How Does Mobile Notary Work?

Mobile Notary Near Me is a popular search term that clients use to find us. When you need a mobile notary service simply text or call our mobile notary at 713-357-1924 and let us know what documents you need notarized, how many signatures are required and how many different signers there are, plus your location for an on-the-spot quote.

Our mobile notary will come directly to you, meeting you at your home, business, a coffee shop or nearly any other location to quickly and efficiently notarize your documents.

Your Valid ID will be required at the time of your signing. When ID is not available, signers can use two witnesses to prove their identity.

Why Use Mobile Notary?

Many times folks will forget or overlook requirements for documents and at the last minute realize a notary is needed. A notary does not notarize documents but they notarize SIGNATURES! When your signature needs to be notarized and you have run out of time or can not reach a notary in person, feel free to use a mobile notary for convenience and for after-hours needs.